2013 Triumph Speedmaster “Easy Rider”

Where to start on this build! It’s as unique, cool, and calm as the owner who commissioned it.From custom upholstery, paint, and mufflers there are many hidden gems to appreciate. These include wiring and an Acewell gauge ditching the stock cluster that once lived on top of the gas tank. With trimmed down fenders and a ton of other details we think we tastefully turned this cruiser into an “Easy Rider” kind of bike.

1982 CB750 "Marilyn"

This full custom build is a true beauty. Classic style with modern details and a touch of sass, she is sure to turn some heads.



  • Front forks re-built and serviced

  • New Progressive front fork springs

  • New rear aftermarket springs


Completely re-designed rear section made out of mild steel was custom built and expertly crafted. Brackets for electronics were added along the top part of the frame to keep everything hidden. Rear frame rails were smoothed out to follow the natural, clean lines of the bike making everything flow seamlessly, while the custom fabricated rear set brackets give a full café racer appearance. A complete matte/gloss black powder coating treatment pulls the whole look together, providing a unique style and adding longevity to the final finish. 

  • Powder coated frame

  • New steering stem bearings

  • New front and rear wheel bearings

  • New rubber bushings for chassis

  • New aftermarket clip-on handlebars

  • New handlebar grips

  • New triple tree hardware

  • Dyna balancing beads (Balances wheels)

  • Two new brake rotors

  • Rebuilt calipers (new seals, pistons and break pads)

  • New Custom brake lines

  • New drivetrain sprockets

  • New O-ring chain

  • New Dunlop tires

  • New master cylinder

  • New valve stems

  • Custom made café racer seat (made of flat mild steel fabricated with an English wheel)

  • Custom upholstery work

  • Custom cream color paint on headlight, gas tank and seat

  • Fitted XS750 gas tank – cleaned, stripped and coated with a premium sealer to ensure durability and longevity

  • New gas cap with quality gasket installed

  • Two new petcocks

  • New Aftermarket headlight brackets

  • New Aftermarket clutch lever

  • New Aftermarket throttle assembly



  • Low mileage donor engine

  • Adjusted valves – installed various shims to keep stock tolerances

  • Adjusted timing chain

  • Changed all gaskets and seals

  • New carburetor boots

  • Rebuilt starter

  • New engine oil line

  • New front engine seal

  • New custom throttle cables

  • New custom clutch cable

  • New Stainless steel bolt kit for engine covers

  • Custom made 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust system with reverse cone mufflers

  • New Aftermarket CR31 special racing carburetors synced and tuned


  • New DYNA complete ignition system

  • New front and rear brake light switch

  • New ignition switch

  • New British style bucket and headlight

  • New mechanical tachometer installed with custom made stainless steel bucket

  • New Mini start button

  • Full custom made wiring harness

  • New starter relay

  • New fuse block

  • New LED oil pressure warning light

  • New LIPO Shorai lithium battery

  • New Cycle Exchange permanent magnet alternator kit (rotor, stator, regulator are new)


1978 Yamaha XS650 "Jackie"

This machine is Fast, Sleek, and a blast to ride. So many small details incorporated into this build that will grab any motorcycle junkies attention. From the gloss black powder coated parts to the patina paint job on the 1932 Ford tire ring repurposed as a rear fender. The stainless steel battery box, fender struts and clear coated bare metal gas tank, tie in the raw but clean look of the bike. 



  • TC bro Weld on hardtail

  • New aftermarket tail/brake/license light

  • Harley sportster gas tank stripped cleaned and sealed

  • 1932 ford tire ring for rear fender

  • Fake oil tank, which hides the ignition, wiring and has storage for tools

  • New solo seat and bracket

  • New 3 inch coiled seat springs

  • New starter block of kit (starter removed, kick only)

  • New long pushrod modification installed for clutch assembly

  • New big foot gear lever installed

  • New kick start lever

  • New clutch housing kit

  • New 530 chain

  • New automatic chain adjuster

  • New front and rear sprockets

  • New rear brake rod assembly

  • New brake caliper

  • New brake pads

  • New aftermarket front-drilled brake rotor

  • New master cylinder

  • New custom length brake lines

  • New clutch cable

  • New throttle cable

  • New rear brake pedal

  • New rear brake shoes

  • Tire balancing DYNA beads

  • Progressive front shock springs

  • Front forks stripped and rebuilt

  • Front fork stem race and bearings changed to new style tapered bearing

  • New hand grips

  • New clutch and throttle controls

  • New side stand spring

  • New Harley petcock



  • Low mileage XS650 donor engine

  • Engine resealed with new seals and gaskets

  • Valves adjusted

  • Timing chain adjusted

  • Rebuilt carbs synced and jetted

  • Mild steel custom exhaust


  • New Battery delete capacitor kit

  • New Mini fuse block

  • New Rear stop switch

  • New Ignition switch

  • Custom made wiring harness

  • New PMA permanent magnet charging system

  • New PMA Complete Ignition kit with coils


2013 Suzuki TU250X "Daisy"

We dare you not to smile while you ride this beautiful custom tracker. With a slimmed down front end, custom brackets, turn signals, and mirrors, this bike is sure to get compliments at every street corner.  We installed an aftermarket muffler and fine tuned the motor with a power commander to get everything running as it should. We finished the build off with our TU250 kit, to give it that Brogue look and style.



  • Aftermarket muffler repacked with a quality mat

  • Power Commander V tuned with a custom map file


  • Aftermarket front LED turn signals

  • Custom rear LED brake, turn, and running lights recessed into a shortened rear loop

  • Custom LED accent lights that double as a license plate light. These premium LED's are super bright and illuminate the left and right side of the bike for extra visibility

  • Diode kit wired into the front headlight bucket to keep all LED's and indicator lights flashing as they should.

  • New LED Flasher relay

  • Custom plug in wiring harness (plugs directly into the stock connectors)



  • Shortened rear grab bar (powder coated)

  • Custom license plate bracket (powder coated)

  • Custom FWD splash guard that keeps the electronics and rider dry (powder coated)

  • Custom AFT splash guard that houses 6 custom LED lights (powder coated)

  • Custom made fiberglass seat pan with a hand upholstered cover

2013 Royal Enfield Continental GT

This Royal Enfield was custom tailored for two true motorcycle enthusiasts, Royal Enfield Brand Ambassadors of North America Chris and Mike Black. 

Add-ons were designed to bring the riders feet from a traditional swept back Cafe position to a more flat footed approach. Risers allowed us to install RE Himalayan handle bars, providing a more upright riding position, while nubby tires combined with signature rear Hagon shocks lend stability on and off the road. Tying it all together is our hand made, beautifully crafted Brat style seat (available here)



  • Rear Hagon shocks


  • Aftermarket front and rear LED turn signals

  • Lengthened hand control wiring for triple tree riser modification



  • Modified upper triple tree

  • 3.5 inch aftermarket risers

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan handle bars

  • Biltwell grips

  • Lengthened clutch, throttle, and choke cables

  • Custom cut to length front and rear brake lines

  • Relocated and hand crafted foot peg brackets

  • Hand crafted rear brake mechanisms including pivot points, levers, springs and brake switches.

  • Shortened shift lever

  • Custom hand made fiberglass seat pan with a hand upholstered cover

  • Front Shinko 244 dual sport tire, 3.5-18

  • Rear Shinko 244 dual sport tire, 4.5-18

  • Powder coated and painted parts for durability